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Decorating your home with pottery: Five ideas from a real-life potter

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Recently, I was selling my goods at a local craft fair and I overhead more than a few comments that went a little something like this:

"I just love pottery. But, I don't buy it. It would just take up space in my cupboards"


"Oooooo. I love this __________ (insert your favorite type of pot here here), but I just don't think I'd ever use it."


"These are so cute. I just don't know where I would put them."

The interior designer in me almost ran right up to these people to set them straight! I wanted to grab their shoulders and say, "Pottery doesn't belong in a cupboard. And my pottery is designed to be functional and used. In fact, it gets sad if it isn't used (yes, my pottery has feelings - more on that another day)."

Side note: I am not officially an interior designer, but I love decorating my house and I love any and all things HGTV.

After the show, I continued to think about these comments and that's when I decided to share five ways I use pottery in my home, which will hopefully inspire you to place these beautiful objects anywhere you can. They add so much character. And, they are guaranteed conversation pieces whenever you have company.

Five Ways to Use Pottery In Your Home

1. Set your table with pottery

Buying a complete handmade dish set can be pricey, but it's actually quite comparable to any set of "good dishes". I like to use mine for everyday too. Why not?

2. Decorate your Fireplace Mantel

My mantel is ever changing and it likely has more pottery on it than most. Currently, I'm showcasing a planter, a set of bud vases and one of my favorite little turquoise and gold pots. Even one simple piece will make your fireplace more interesting and inspiring.

3. Elevate the decor on a side or console table

I always place one of my large bowls on this side table. It adds an extra special touch. Not to mention, it gives my husband a place to drop his keys.

4. Keep your pottery out of the cupboard and on open shelves

Open shelving is a hot trend right now and pottery is the perfect thing to display. I agree that it's a shame to buy beautiful handmade work and then stick it in the don't!

5. Upgrade your bathroom

That little corner on the sink just needs something - but you don't want it to be clunky. Bud vases and mini bowls are my solution of choice. Aren't they cute!

Okay, I have one more reason, even though this article imsays “five”. So, here’s bonus reason #6!

6. Pot succulents, then stick them in an office, or on a dresser

I believe that pottery and succulents are made for each other. I like to stick these little guys near my office workstation. I've also been known to put them on every dresser, end table or shelf in the house - but that's just me.

So, there you have it. Five ideas for elevating your home decor with pottery.

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